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How It Works

The power of predictive analytics for B2C sales

guidonAI uses your existing first party data, enriches it with over 500 third party data fields on over 220M adult Americans, then uses proprietary AI/machine learning to create a predictive model called a guidon.  Guidons can then score any other list of leads you provide to help you acquire, grow, and retain the consumers you're looking for.

1. Upload Your Lead List

You upload the first name, last name, and email address (or mailing address) of each record in a lead list you want to analyze.


2. Receive Lead List Insights

guidonAI matches each record to databases of 220M adult Americans, which contain over 500 data points about each person, then provides you insights into your lead list.

Insights you could receive include:

  • Age Groups
  • Geographic Groups
  • Political Groups
  • Religious Groups

Note: guidonAI does not append data or provide data on individual leads.

A. Create Predictions with Generic Guidons

You can create predictions from your lead list using generic guidons already built and tested by guidonAI.

Generic Guidons include:

  • Spending Capacity
  • Spending Propensity
  • Affinity to Various Causes
  • Likely to Respond to Direct Mail


B. Build and Test Custom Guidons

Working with the guidonAI customer success team, you select and upload 250+ records from your existing databases, drawn from the audience you want to target (a training data set). guidonAI then does the rest: creating and testing custom guidons using your first party data enriched with billions of third party data points.

Potential Custom Guidons:

  • Likely Consumers
  • Likely Recurring Customers
  • Likely High Value Customers
  • Customer Likely to Lapse
  • Any group of customers where you already have 250+ records


C. Create Predictions with Custom Guidons

You can quickly create predictions from your lead list using custom guidons you built and tested using guidonAI.

With your lead ist prioritized using your custom guidon, you then divide your list into A, B, C, and D leads.  For each lead category, guidonAI tells you how much more likely that category is to contain the customers you are looking for.

You can also forecast potential sales totals and lifetime revenue from these leads.

D. Map Your Leads with Two Guidons

You can use any two guidons to map your lead list, allowing you to target the leads you want with even greater accuracy.


  • Likely Consumers and Spending Capacity
  • Likely High Value Customers and Responds to Direct Mail
  • Likely Recurring Customers and Likely to Purchase a Particular Product

With your lead list mapped using two guidons, you can then divide your list into A, B, C, and D leads.

E. Segment Your Leads with Guidons

You can use multiple guidons to segment your lead list, allowing you to tailor your ask for each lead.


  • Preferred Product or Service
  • Preferred Means of Outreach
  • Preferred Campaign Type
  • Assignment of Leads to Sales Managers


3. Better insights. Better results.

Your scored, prioritized, and segmented lead list is returned to you via online SaaS portal, managed service, or API.

The results: significant lifts in conversion, engagement, and retention rates.