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Find your best customers in any lead list.

AI for B2C Sales, Predictive Analytics, and Predictive Lead Scoring


Why guidonAI

Make your customer data work for you instead of the other way around.

You already have a lot of valuable data, but trying to figure out how it can make an impact on your business isn't easy.

That's where guidionAI comes in. We leverage your company’s existing data, third party data, and AI/machine learning to predict who is the best fit for your products and services.

Accelerate your ability to acquire, grow, and retain customers, optimizing the work of your sales and marketing teams.

The guidonAI Difference

Focus your B2C sales funnel.

guidonAI is focused on B2C. While other platforms provide insights into sales to other businesses (B2B), we focus solely on optimizing sales to consumers (B2C), using only names and emails.

Without guidonAI:

sales and marketing teams waste time and money on leads that are not a fit (black dots).


Leads identified through intent/behavior.

Leads identified through manual segmentation.

Leads identified through formulas.

With guidonAI:

sales and marketing teams focus their time and money on leads that are a fit (gold dots).


End the sales guess work and direct your efforts on the leads with the highest likelihood of converting.

Turn what you know into your unfair advantage.

guidonAI is a predictive analytics engine powered by AI/machine learning. Other services segment leads manually or using unreliable, arbitrary formulas.

guidonAI determines who is the best fit for your product or service. Other B2C targeting platforms predict consumers based on intent or user behavior, which can be misleading.

guidonAI predicts likely consumers based solely on name and email. Other B2C analytic platforms require a mailing address or multiple data points to analyze a prospect.

guidonAI scores your new or existing lead lists. Other services create look-alike models to sell you targeted ads or provide you call lists or direct mail lists of potential leads.

guidonAI uses billions of third party data points to build predictive models. Many other predictive tools focuses only on the “digital exhaust” of leads with no consideration of fit.


How guidonAI Works

Predictive Lead Scoring

guidonAI uses your existing first party data, enriches it with over 550 third party data fields on over 220M U.S. consumers, then uses proprietary AI/machine learning to create a predictive look-alike model called a guidon.

Guidons can then score any other list of contacts you provide to convert, engage, and retain the prospects and consumers you want.

guidonAI in Action

Using an organization's own data, guidonAI built a predictive model that recommended 3,000 out of 100,000 leads, yet precisely predicted ~300 out of ~400 actual conversions

[ 75% of the return for 3% of the investment ]


Who guidonAI Helps

B2C companies that want to improve customer acquisition, growth, engagement and retention rates to optimize their sales and marketing teams.

How do sales teams use guidonAI?

  • Prioritize most likely leads
  • Improve pipeline velocity
  • Eliminate low value leads
  • Increase cross-selling and upselling
  • Improve forecasting
  • Reduce wasted time and resources
  • Improve message targeting

How do marketing teams use guidonAI?

  • Reduce misleading prospects identified as having intent to buy but are not a good fit to complete purchase
  • Discover high value leads in current prospect lists
  • Improve message targeting
  • Segment and cluster current prospects
  • Improve direct mail efficiency

Ideal industries for guidonAI



Financial Services

Direct to Consumer



Professional Services